Our Services

Yes, you can afford to let your AR challenges become our problem.

OurServicesOur clients are thrilled and amazed to see that we can actually take charge of your entire AR process for about the same cost you’re spending right now.

By outsourcing your AR functions to Quality Administration, LLC, you and your staff can focus on your core strengths—practicing excellent medical care and providing responsive service to your patientswhile we focus on optimizing your revenue cycle processes and helping you get paid in full for your services.

Let us perform a Complimentary Evaluation and see what you’re missing.

Trust us, you'll be shocked to see what we find after just a couple of hours of close examination. We’ll spot your weak points and find the potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars being lost right now in your AR. It’s a no obligation exercise that will enlighten you to what a healthier bottom line could look like for your practice.

Which work arrangement is right for your practice?

  1. Process Improvement Consulting: For approximately six months, QA will come in and train your staff on our methodology to help hone their AR assessing and reporting skills.

  2. Full AR Outsourcing:  QA can take over your entire billing process and coding process and manage every touch point, from patient claim inquiries to coding to insurance denials and delays to managing patient payments.

  3. Select Stage Outsourcing: You select stages of the billing process that are best handled with our expertise.

Quality Administration can focus on any or all of these billing process stages:

Patient Registration

QA will obtain patient information from your office and enter this information into your database.

Charge Entry

QA will obtain coding information from the provider and enter this information into your database.

Claim Submission

QA will submit claims either electronically or by paper directly following claims entry. Paper or electronic submission is dependent on the insurance carrier handling the claims.


Our comprehensive Coding Services are available as part of our full medical billing services package or as a “coding only” service if you currently do your own billing. Coding is performed in a closed-loop process to seamlessly integrate with your billing system and ensure the highest degree of data integrity.

Clearing House Rejections

QA will use your clearinghouse to review claims that have been rejected by them or the insurance companies.


QA will handle all excess claims from insurance carriers. Most correspondence falls into the following categories:

  • Request for additional information (i.e. ID cards, Operative Reports, Authorizations, etc.)
  • Claim denial (i.e. deductibles, patients coverage expired, etc.)
  • Request for medical records

Patient Payments

Patient payments are posted as they are received, then analyzed for appropriate balance reflection on the patient’s account.  Payments are reviewed to ensure patients are following obligations through their insurance contract and client payment plan expectations.

Payment Posting

Payments are posted in batches associated with your deposits. They are balanced with your deposit for easy reconciliation to your bank statements. Payments are posted according to EOBs with the exception of full code denials. All denials are forwarded on to your account representative for review and Appeal.

Secondary Claims Filing

Following primary payment posting, secondary claims will be generated and filed with the primary EOB.

Insurance Follow-up

Insurance claims are worked on monthly, either by paper or automated system. Insurance companies are called when a payment or denial has not been received. Corrections and appeals are filed as necessary for payment.

Denials Management

Denials are corrected and/or appealed according to clinic specifications. If medical records are required they are requested from the clinic and sent with claim. Denials are communicated to clinic to analyze patterns for prevention.

Patient Statements

Statements are sent to patients every 30 days via QA or outside service.

Patient Balances /Collection Services

Patient balance procedures are customized to your personal needs. Patients are called and payment arrangements can be made per clinic guidelines in an effort to collect patient balances. If efforts are exhausted, outside Collection Agencies are partnered with and patients are turned over upon provider approval.